Back in continental Europe in the 17th century, club culture originated in the social venues of the British upper class.


Li hailin, chairman of DDI Group, combined the long history of the club with Chinese characteristics and traditions, founded Shanghai Town & Country Club to build an inclusive and luxurious “home away from home”.


Golden Great Wall media award: Most recommended family club in China

The number of STCC members reached 300 families, and the total number of members exceeded 1,000


The Guinness World Record for the longest postcard was set at STCC
“Best Educational and Entertainment Institution” award from Time Out


Won the best private club award from American Express


Received the certificate of appreciation of “World Food Gala Dinner” issued by France international food association
The brand value of STCC is 1.366 billion yuan
STCC was on display at the nasdaq world first screen in times square, New York